Dear mayi,
Some people call you mummy, mother, mom, toto or mama.
I call you mayi because it sounds closer to your natural love, because it is the first dialect my tongue got acquainted with before any exposure.

You are the woman who has seen me have my first cry, laughter, and also go through every emotion in life.

You are my mother, sister, friend, partner in crime and god on earth.

The teacher that has been concurrently tender and tough, just to shape me better.

When i hear the bold speaker, assertive woman, that girl who will not comform or be intimidated, i hear you in me, the mayi you are in me.

When society calls me modest, honest, hardworking, respectful, God fearing, confident, whenever they see the good in me, i see the best in you, the best that you have shared with me.

When they look at these lovely legs of mine, admire this gorgeous body and marvel at the beauty of my face, i look in the mirror and see a mayi who gave me the blue print of her beauty.

That mayi that has experienced all shades of dissapointment, pain, regrets, struggles, but still remained my fountain of peace and strength.

I can never figure out how you do it, that you know when am not well, when i am happy or sad, even across distance and time.

Your selflessness is out of this world, you have settled for less, taken the blame and worn the dirty laundry so many times, just so i can emerge clean.

You mayi, you are the woman that has faithfully believed in me during moments when i didn’t even trust my own abilities.

You have seen the best in me at a time when everybody saw an empty shell, you have believed and supported my small undefined dreams without hesitation or shame.

You have protected me from shame yet still taught me better, guided me through both my unwise and wise decisions, known the worst and most nude of me yet still loved me the same and treated me even better.

Home is not home without you, for you alone radiates the warmth that fills up that house.

Your inner greatness gives me a challenge, yet you still want me to be better than you.

I don’t think you understand, i want to be just like you.
And for everyday of my life, i want to give back yo you, that is why today, am saying ♡♥·♥HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAYI♡♥♡♥

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9 years ago

Beautiful piece for Mama hope u grow up to replicate the same love to her grand children.

9 years ago
Reply to  robertsebunya

Thanks Rob. But Mama’s love & shoes too big & priceless, I need Christ guidence when replicating!

9 years ago
Reply to  robertsebunya

Thanks Rob. But Mama’s love & shoes too big & priceless, I need Christ guidence when replicating!

7 years ago

I also want to say:


For the short time I have known you, I am amazed at how much love you have for not only the greatest, most intelligent, kind-hearted, honest, hardworking, respectful, gorgeous woman of God i know, but also me who you have practically had no serious conversation with,

Me who knows nothing personal but only good things about you from your loving daughter who envisions you in her,

Me who you just hear about on phone but still trust no matter the distance between us yet still very close to your daughter,

But because you have attentively listened to all my blab ah from my mouth, cared for me like your own son, showered me with extraordinary blessings, believed in most of my visions, treated me like a gentleman and have done all this in the short time of our encounter,

Its amazing how great you are as it has come to my attention and how wonderful you get day by day even if i don’t see more of you often.

I am so greatly humbled and blessed for having met you however short it was and still yearn to have an outing with you.
It might not be a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY today but i will always celebrate you and the mighty yet still peaceful mother you are to Miriam, me and the world around you.

Yours makaya,

7 years ago
Reply to  Douglas

Dagalachi Wa Mayi should become official by reason of love and friendship.