Sailors at Lake Bunyonyi arise on the lake in sync with the sunrise at the Horizon. It is like the sun calls in a morning chorus, and the sailors respond with a timely verse. Always!

And every new day is new rich experience.


Boat Sailing at Lake Bunyonyi
Early morning Boat Ride on Lake Bunyonyi. Photo by Watsemba Miriam

As early as 7am (EAT), sailors arise one by one, each undocking his boat and taking a ride over the lake, as if a morning duty to awake the aquatic before the morning sun hides its tenderness.

Boats , Lake Bunyonyi, undocking, sailing
A returning sailor retires back to the dock station; as if a signal to the waiting sailor to get started before the birding sun matures into the day. Photo credit: Watsemba Miriam

Men, women and children (majorly tourists) stand at the shores to watch, gaze and take in the calm from the lake view and capture the graceful boat sailing on their cameras.

The sight is too breathtaking to let you, even for a minute, pay attention to the stiff coldness that has you stuffed in warm thick clothes, even at sunrise.

The Vast Lake Bunyonyi. Photo credit : Watsemba Miriam
The Vast Lake Bunyonyi. Photo credit : Watsemba Miriam

When you visit Uganda, and I mean Western Uganda, please visit Lake Bunyonyi. It will leave you nothing less than a rich tale bearer.

Until our next trip. Watch this space! There’s more breath taking images coming through.

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Selorm Ernest Sosu
5 years ago

Wow there is a similar one too in Ghana.