“It walks with grace and serenity, as though the life of the country it symbolizes, depends on its every step.” Achilles Byaruhanga

The Uganda Crested Crane 1
Uganda’s National Bird. Photo taken by Watsemba Miriam for Mpeak Communication. 2017

The crested crane is Uganda’s crown of beauty, standing tall in elegance on the nation’s court of arms and national flag.

The  effortless beauty naturally bears all the country’s national colours on it’s graceful feathers; Black representing the melanin rich Ugandan people, Yellow for the rich sunlight that the country is blessed to have and the red for brother hood.

The crested cranes move in pairs of one male and one female, which when one dies, the other remains faithful and continues in the long trek of life on a solo mission.

In the country side, these resourceful nation birds ring the morning wake up call for farmers to get up and go attend to the farms. The strength and song in their voices gives a sound of day break for farmers in places like Kabale (located in Western Uganda).

As much as sometimes, the birds destroy farmers’ crops due to their deep appetites for grain, the crested cranes are highly prized both at the country size level and the National level.

The murder of a crested crane in Uganda is in an indirect purchase of a free ticket to seven years of imprisonment in jail.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Uganda and its people find great pride in their National bird.

The Uganda Crested Crane
“It walks with grace and serenity, as though the life of the country it symbolises, depends on its every step.” Achilles Byaruhanga Photo by: Watsemba Miriam
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