How well do you know Uganda?  Take a look at the picture, what is the name of the town you see?

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The Queen’s Tower in Mbarara town. Photo by Watsemba Miriam for mpeak communication. Taken on 20/03/2017

Mbarara town is the main municipal, administrative and commercial centre of South Western Uganda and also the mother host of Mbarara district headquarters.

It is also one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda thanks to its natural endowment of tourist attractions ranging from physical features like lakes and landscape to wild life and a distinct culture.

The tourism wealth has birthed a tremendous development of infrastructure which explains the good roads and booming hotel and hospitality business in the renown land of milk and honey. The common means of transport in the town is cars and motorbikes.

Mbarara town is boardered by Masaka and Sembabule to the East, Bushenyi and Ntungamo to the West, kabarole to the North and the Republic of Tanzania to the South.

The town is a home to 1,089,000 people and is approximately 290 kilometers or 180 miles  by road in the South West of Kampala.

I will tell you about these people’s distinct culture, the next time we talk Mbarara!

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